Home       | Products       | Downloads (PDF)     |  Clients       | Support       | Contact Us       | Job Opportunities  News      | Filipino-Designed Timekeeping and Payroll Products The E.D.S. Student Attendance Monitoring System (SAMS) is an automated real-time student attendance information system for parents and guardians. Each student will be provided with an ID card embedded with a proximity chip or ID with a Barcode. This card has a unique digital code that has been pre-registered into the system. Every time a student enters (or departs) the school campus, he is required to pass his ID card over the proximity card reader that is normally located at the entrance. The system automatically records the exact time and date and logs this into a database. Parents may access in real-time the attendance of their child anytime, anywhere, provided they have internet connection. This is especially useful when parents are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and using the internet is the most cost effective way to monitor their child. Reports may also be generated such as Attendance History, Exception Report, etc. The turnstile is an electro-mechanical device that provides a barrier to unauthorized persons who are attempting to enter a campus. The SAMS unit may be linked up with this device and control the entry and exit of students.  What is SAMS? How does it work? Web Access by Parents/Guardians This is a web-based console that allows school administrators to enroll, edit/delete names, etc. Reports: Master List of Registered Students Daily Attendance Report Individual Attendance Report Daily Absences Report Individual Absences Report Exception Reports Web Access by School Administrators STUDENT ATTENDANCE MONITORING SYSTEM (SAMS) Turnstile Features: School name masking. ALL-NETWORK system (Smart, Globe, Sun) (no need to acquire new SIM cards). Sub-Options: Exceptions messaging only – SMS is sent only when student is late or is absent. All events messaging – texts whenever students enters or departs the school. Real-time SMS Alerts All events texting Exceptions only texting Passage Width (mm) 500mm Throughput Rate (p/m) 40 Power Supply 220   240 VAC Maximum Power Consumption 60 W Frequency 50  - 60 Hz Working Temperature 25   70 Open/Close time 1  sec. Dimensions W280 X H1200 X L980 Net Weight (including bars) 90 Kg MUST SEE TO FULLY APPRECIATE. REQUEST A DEMO NOW. Contact us.  Auto-Email Auto-SMS Turnstile