Home       | Products       | Downloads (PDF)     |  Clients       | Support       | Contact Us       | Job Opportunities  News      | Labor costs are one of the most expensive items in any business. Successfully controlling this expense  could spell the difference between success and failure of any organization. All too often, manual  methods of payroll calculation lead to inaccuracies and even fraud. Using an electronic spreadsheet  does not mean accuracy because many of the inputs are manually encoded.  EDS AMPS is a complete payroll solution perfectly designed for the Philippine environment. It  combines Attendance Management, HRIS and Payroll into one package. The output conforms to  Philippine labor laws and widely known practices. It is composed of THREE standard modules plus optional modules:  What is the Attendance Managment and Payroll System (AMPS)? How can the AMPS help me run my company? What are its basic and advanced features? What reports does it create? ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT. Automated calculation of attendance items such as credited hours, tardiness and undertime, leaves tracking, etc. Includes management reports. HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEM. Built-in 201 filing module that tracks employee personal info. PAYROLL SOLUTION. Automatically generates Payslip, SSS, HDMF, PHIC and other gov't reports OPTIONAL: EDS FingerID™ System (Employee Time-Capture) INTRANET MODULE On-line Filing of Leaves, OT and Mission Orders REPLICATION TECHNOLOGY. Automatic-Data Transfer over the Internet. Designed specifically for the Philippine market, this versatile system provides both Attendance  Management and HR capabilities and an automated Payroll system all in one package.   Pure payroll systems require the user to encode and calculate hours  worked tardiness, and all other attendance information into their  payroll system. This introduces errors and provides an opportunity for  payroll fraud. Our system is fully automated as it removes the need  for manual calculation. Employers will appreciate the speed and  accuracy of the calculations and will free-up accounting people to  perform other more productive tasks.  Our system can accommodate various company policies such as flexi-time, “broken-time” schedules,  multiple shifting and multi-pay rates within a payroll period. In addition, it can accept unlimited  number of log-IN and log-OUT records per employee per day! Other systems can only accept six (6)  records. Compare our software with the competition and we are sure you would agree that the EDS  AMPS is the most flexible system in the market today!  Basic and Advanced Features: Three-In-One System - Tightly integrated Attendance calculations with Payroll – no need to acquire separate systems. Will become complete end-to-end system if used with EDS FingerID™ (or compatible time-capture device). Fully Automated – no need to manually calculate and encode credited hours worked, tardiness and undertime, etc. Performs all this automatically Most Flexible System in the market – compatible with multi-shift, multi-pay rate, “broken-time” schedules. Unlimited number of log-IN and log-OUT records per employee per day Payroll System General Features:                   (Return to top) Unlimited Number of Users (for Enterprise and Ultimate Editions only) Unlimited Number of Departments Unlimited Number of Positions Unlimited Number of Employee Types Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly pay Frequency Daily Rate or Monthly Rate type Allows multiple changes Daily Rate updates within a Payroll Period   Incomes:                                                                                                                       (Return to top) Unlimited Number of Other Income (Bonuses and Earnings) Unlimited Number of Leave Types Maintains Vacation Leave Filing and Approval Maintains Sick Leave Filing and Approval Maintains Emergency Leave Filing and Approval Unlimited number of User Defined Leaves Tracking of remaining balances and usage of all Leaves DE MINIMIS Calculation (pro-rated to attendance) 13th Month Computation Free  updates of TAXABLE, SSS, PHILHEALTH, HDMF tables via patch (within Warranty Period) User specified frequency of Recurring Income   Deductions:                                                                                                                   (Return to top) Unlimited Number of Loan Types Unlimited Number of Deduction Types Maintains Loan amortization and balances User specified frequency of Recurring Loan and Deductions Undertime and Absences deductions   Government:                                                                                                                 (Return to top) FREE Import updates for Phil Health Table FREE Import update SSS Table FREE Import update Pag-ibig HDMF Table FREE Import update TAX Tables    Periodic Payroll Reports:                                                                                            (Return to top) Periodic Payroll Register Periodic Payroll Register by Department Periodic Payroll Register by Position Periodic Payroll Register by Payment Methods Periodic Payroll Register Detailed Earnings / Deduction / Loans Adjustment   Monthly Reports:                                                                                                         (Return to top) Monthly Payroll Register Monthly Payroll Register by Department Monthly Payroll Register by Position Monthly Payroll Register by Cost Center Monthly Payroll Register by Custom Groupings Monthly Witholding Tax Monthly Witholding Tax with Deductibles Monthly Earnings and Deductions Summary SSS Premium Remittances 1 SSS Premium Remittances 2 SSS Salary Loans PHIC Premium Remittance 1 PHIC Premium Remittance 2 HDMF Premium Remittance 1 HDMF Premium Remittance 2 HDMF M1-1 Month-To-Date Earnings Summary Month-To-Date Deductions Summary  Quarterly Reports:                                                                                                      (Return to top) SSS R-3 Report PHIC RF-1 Report   Yearly Reports:                                                                                                             (Return to top) Employee 2316 (W2) BIR 1601 C - New BIR Alphalist – No Previous Employer BIR Alphalist – With Previous Employer BIR Alphalist – Terminated Employees Annual Tax Summary Annual Tax Summary with Deductibles YTD Annualized Tax YTD Payroll Register YTD Payroll Register (Detailed) Year-To-Date Earnings Summary Year-To-Date Deductions Summary MUST SEE TO FULLY APPRECIATE. 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