Home       | Products       | Downloads (PDF)     |  Clients       | Support       | Contact Us       | Job Opportunities  News      | MUST SEE TO FULLY APPRECIATE. REQUEST A DEMO NOW. Contact us.  What is the EDS WEB PORTAL? The EDS WEB PORTAL is basically a private website that allows of companies or members of organizations to access or post confidential data in that private website. General Description: The EDS WEB PORTAL allows a convenient way for employees and staff to file applications for leaves, Overtime, Official Business without the need for paper forms. Approvals of these applications are also done on-line by managers and supervisors. Also, company announcements, news, attendance and payroll history can be accessed on-line.      Features: ON-LINE application and approval of: LEAVES – Employees apply for Sick Leaves, Vacation Leaves and other company leaves on-line. Leave balances are automatically displayed. Supervisors and/or managers also approve on-line. OVERTIME – Employees file their OT applications on-line. History of past OT applications are also displayed with corresponding approvals/disapprovals. OFFICIAL BUSINESS (OB) – Also known as “Mission Orders”, employees who have field work and who cannot log-IN or log-OUT at the office can now file their OB even when out in the field. Supervisors and/or managers subsequently approve or disapprove these OB applications. COMPANY POLICIES – Employees now have on-line access to the Employee Manual or Employee Code of Conduct on-line. They will always see the latest version (as long as the Administration updates). With built-in hyperlinks to jump to chapters within the manual. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Management may post important announcements at the main page of the Intranet. Great for employees posted in remote locations or branches. ATTENDANCE HISTORY – Employees may review their attendance history on- line. This is a valuable service to employees who have questions on how their paycheck was computed. Filipino-Designed Timekeeping and Payroll Products