MUST SEE TO FULLY APPRECIATE. REQUEST A DEMO NOW. Contact us.  AUTO HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREETINGS - The biometric  system will automatically greet, with music and animation, all  birthday celebrants for that day.   Advantage:  o Studies show that employee productivity drops when  management forgets to greet birthday celebrants. The  automatic Happy Birthday Greeting will ensure that  morale is high and productivity is not lost due to  failure to greet birthday celebrants.  EMPLOYEE LOG-IN DISPLAY – The biometric system automatically displays real-time attendance status of each employee. The following are displayed: o List of employees who are currently present o Employees who arrived late o Employees who have not yet logged IN (but are supposed to be in the office based on their work schedule.) Advantages: o Immediately determine employees who are currently present, who are late or not logged IN. No need to ask a guard, receptionist, or any employee whether an employee arrived for work. o Provides real-time information on tardy employees. PERSONAL MESSAGE DISPLAY – A manager may send a personal message a specific employee. This message automatically appears when the targeted employee biometrically logs IN or OUT of the system. Advantage: Because of the confirmation feature of the Personal  Message Display, managers and supervisors are assured that  employees receive important messages.   AUTO-BLOCKING - Removes the possibility of CONTRACTUAL, PROJECT or PROBATIONARY employees extending their work beyond the intended contract period. Advantages: The system will automatically block and refuse biometric recording of timelogs once the contract period has expired. Philippine Labor laws force employers to convert to Regular status if an employee has been employed six months. Oftentimes this happens simply because of an oversight. Avoid this management risk with our Auto- Blocking feature. TIMEDATA HISTORY INQUIRY – Allows employees to  inquire about their attendance history – self-service.  Advantages: o Eliminates the tedious task of informing employees  of missing time-logs during every payroll cut-off.  o Provides employees a way to cross-check their net  pay with timelogs. Minimizes inquires for payroll  master. MARQUEE ANNOUNCEMENT – The Biometric system displays a moving message at the bottom of the screen that displays announcements. Examples: Unexpected Holidays, team building activities, congratulatory messages, etc. OTHER SUPPORT FEATURES: MULTI-FORMAT OUTPUT CAPABILITY -- Facility to output data in either a text file, password-protected MS Access database,  HTML, and other formats.  FULL TECHNICAL SUPPORT – Our package includes training and orientation of selected personnel as well as setup and installation  of the system. We will advise you of good deployment strategies for your company as well as monitor its progress. We will “walk” you all  the way to a successful deployment. The premier Philippine designed biometric timekeeping system that goes beyond simple attendance recording - it ACTUALLY HELPS IN MANAGING H.R.! Reduce effort and avoid headaches! Hover your mouse over this image. Hover your mouse over this image. LUNCH AND COFFEE BREAK MONITORING   Biometrically tracks employees exceeding their alloted break  time.  Advantages:  o Allows monitoring if employees are exceeding their alloted break period. o If used together with EDS Attendance Management System (AMS) will automatically output as “undertime” all hours in excess of break period. Day Start IN Lunch Break OUT Lunch Break IN Coffee Break IN Coffee Break OUT Day End OUT * Actual products may slightly deviate from photos shown here. EZ SCAN. High Sensitivity Biometric Scanner – soft touch only even with slightly dirty fingers! 360 degree finger rotation capability. SPEECH SYNTHESIS. Visual and Audio time log confirmation. Makes it easy for employees to determine if biometic logs are successful. Eliminates “missing” timelog headache. 100% FRAUD FREE Irrefutable biometric technology eliminates “buddy” punching. ON-SCREEN TRANSACTION HISTORY for the day.  FULL NAME, DEPARTMENT and PICTURE DISPLAY  (not just the employee number) Hover your mouse over this image. Filipino-Designed Timekeeping and Payroll Products Request a FREE** DEMO. Contact us now! ** FREE within Metro-Manila. For areas outside MM, please inquire about our Demo Charge REFUND scheme. FILIPINO-DESIGNED Biometrics specially designed to conform to local labor laws and common practices of Philippine companies.
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