Home       | Products       | Downloads (PDF)     |  Clients       | Support       | Contact Us       | Job Opportunities  News      | Accurately monitoring employee attendance is critical to the success of any company.  Organizations need to analyze and get attendance reports on a timely basis for it to react  to potential crisis that could impact productivity and profitability. The EDS Human  Resource Information System (HRIS) provide powerful reporting and analysis tools with  the simplicity of using a Windows-friendly application. The system goes beyond mere  attendance calculation… it's a management tool as well!   The EDS HRIS has been fully upgraded and enhanced for 2018:  Industrial strength MS SQL Server database  Web server on-line reporting capability Ultra-fast calculation engine   Enhanced user-friendly interface  BONUS: When used with our biometric EDS FingerID, the system can now provide real-time,  on-the-fly reminders to employees. Imagine your attendance capture system giving tardiness  warning automatically, or reminding them to file their leaves.  Web-capable Feature (Optional): On-line Filing and approval of OB, Leaves and OT. NO  MORE ENCODING OF Leaves, OB and OT forms. Employees may also check their  attendance history on-line. Managers may approve Leave, OB and OT and remotely check  employee attendance even when out of the office. Want to know more, read our attached  brochure.   Basic and Advanced Features:                                                           (Return to top) Fully compatible with our popular EDS FingerID™ System and major PC based and  standalone time-capture devices  Full featured 201 Employee Record Filing  Automatic Tardiness Tracking  Automatic Leave Tracking  Automatic Under Time Tracking  Automatic Absences Tracking  Time Card Entry (Daily Entry or Summary Entry per Payoll Period)   Time attendance Text File Import (From other bundy clocks or devices)  On-line OT Filing and Approval via web browser (Enterprise Edition) Leave Filing and Approval (on line)  Official Business (OB) Filing and Approval (online)   Shift Schedule (Per Date Range or Weekday Scheduling per employee)   User Editable Holidays and Special Holidays Entries   Grace Period Setting   Flexi-time Setting   Time Rounding Setting (Round up or down)   Minimum minutes to be considered OT Setting   Auto deduct Lunch and Coffee Break Setting    Automatic Night Differential (ND), NSDOT  Regular, Special, Legal Holiday, Special Holiday on Restday and Legal Holiday on  Restday Settings   Capability for "broken" work shifts  Capability for continuous multi-day work schedules and OT   Automatic OT calculation  Capability to accept unlimited IN/OUT transactions within a day (Enterprise ed.)  Assistance in set-up, training for client  Auto-eMail capability (Enterprise, Ultimate Edition)  On-line attendance history inquiry (Enterprise, Ultimate Edition)  Auto Crossover capability  Work Schedule Templates  OT Schedule Templates  Leave Templates Time and Attendance Reports:                                                          (Return to top) Absences Detailed by Date Range   Absences Summary by Date Range   Authorized OT by Date Range   Monthly Absences Detailed   Monthly Absences Summary   Monthly Authorized OT   Monthly Time Attendance Detailed   Monthly Time Attendance Summary   Monthly Timesheet Raw Data   Monthly Undertime Summary   Periodic Absences Detailed Periodic Absences Summary   Periodic Authorized OT   Periodic Time Attendance Detailed Periodic Time Attendance Summary   Periodic Timesheet Raw Data Periodic Undertime Summary   Daily Duplicate Attendance   Leave Ledger   Additional EDS Time Attendance Reports  Tardiness Detailed Report Tardiness Summary Report  Daily Time Record Report (DTR)  Mission Order (Official Business Report)  Exemption Report  What is the E.D.S. Human Resource Information System (HRIS)?  How can the HRIS help me run my company?  What are its basic and advanced features? What reports does it create? MUST SEE TO FULLY APPRECIATE. REQUEST A DEMO NOW. Contact us  Filipino-Designed Timekeeping and Payroll Products
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