Home       | Products       | Downloads (PDF)     |  Clients       | Support       | Contact Us       | Job Opportunities  News      | MUST SEE TO FULLY APPRECIATE. REQUEST A DEMO NOW. Contact us.  Anti-Passback Capability What is Anti-Passback? Anti-Passback is the ability of the system to automatically reject entering or exiting employees based on pre-determined rules. For example if an employee failed to log IN and then he attempts to log OUT, the system will reject (block) his log OUT. Or when an employee fails to log-OUT the previous day, his log-IN will be rejected the next day. Automated door lock control via Biometric technology Filipino-Designed Timekeeping and Payroll Products Centralized Anti-Passback What is Centralized Anti-Passback? When multiple biometric door access are installed in a single office, employees should be allowed enter a door and come out another. Conventional Anti-Passback only allows employees to exit the same door they entered causing great inconvenience for employees. That is why EDS INNOVENTIONS has designed and created CENTRALIZED ANTI- PASSBACK wherein employees are allowed to enter or exit any door with the Anti-Passback rules enforced by the system. This capability is available with EDS biometrics only and not available with other suppliers. Other feature: Report generation of employees who were blocked due to violation of Anti-Passback rules (includes date and time of block). Click here to inquire. We are also open to customization requests.